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Before entering, please read the terms and conditions.

Noor Capital Markets is regulated by regulatory authorities in Kuwait under license no. (AP/2017.0009). It is a subsidiary and service provider of Amwal International Investment Company KSC(Public). Amwal specializes in private equity, financial services and development projects in MENA region, headquartered in Kuwait City. Amwal is a public listed company on the Kuwait Stock Exchange regulated by Capital Markets Authority of Kuwait and is licensed by the Central Bank of Kuwait.

Disclaimer: Online trading, although can be very profitable, may also involve a significant risk of losing your investment.





  1. Open your NCM demo account, start trading and earn the top three highest profits.

  2. The top three accounts will get prize money in real NCM MT4 accounts and the funds can be withdrawn.

  3. Registration will end on 19th May

Download the NCM MT4 trading platform and start trading.


Terms and Conditions

  1. This competition is for any individual above 21 years.

  2. Register with your original name and provide all the correct information.

  3. The registration for the contest will end 19 May 2019.

  4. The contest will start at 01:00 AM on 20th May 2019 and will end at 23:59 PM on 24th May 2019.

  5. Any registration before the contest period will not be able to trade before the start of this Demo Contest.

  6. Every participant will receive the amount of $10,000 in NCM MT4 trading account for trading.

  7. The account leverage will be 1:100 in this Demo Contest.

  8. The participant who made the highest profit will be declared Winner.

  9. To calculate the profit, all opened positions will be closed at the end of the Demo Contest.

  10. In case participants generate the same amount of profit, the ranking will be decided on the traded volume.

  11. Top 3 ranked participants will be awarded the Live MT4 trading account.

  12. The 1st winner will receive Live Account worth of $3000.

  13. The 2nd position holder will receive Live Account worth of $2000

  14. The 3rd ranked winner will receive Live Account worth of $1000

  15. Noor Capital Markets shall announce the Contest Winners via social media or email or telephone. The decision of Noor Capital Markets with respect to the awarding of any Prize shall be final.

  16. In the event the selected winner of any prize is disqualified, due to reason (not limited to) (i) cannot be traced (ii) failed to claim the award within thirty (30) calendar days, (iii) refused the prize (award) for personal reasons, Noor Capital Markets reserve the right to award the prize to the alternative winner.

  17. Noor Capital Markets reserve the right to directly advertise the results with the names on the website or any other advertising medium. The winner must participate in Noor Capital Markets' promotional campaigns (such as interviews, pictures, public announcements, etc.) or delegate someone else to participate in promotions, public ads, etc.) on their behalf.

  18. Minimum one lot should be traded to remain eligible for competition.

  19. Top ten participants with highest profit in ascending order will be displayed on the website every day.

  20. The result of this Demo Contest will be announced within three days of the contest expiry.